Our team consists of a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals who offer a broad range of planning, network augmentations, quality audits and as-built documentation. WaveStar’s experience and capabilities extend across all major service areas. We can serve your needs as one national partner, providing industry leading service levels and volume discounts.

- Detailed Engineering -

Inside Plant Network Engineering

  • Central office, head-end and cell-site equipment engineering including AutoCAD rack elevations, floor plans, bills of material, cable running lists and system diagrams
  • Cable television node segmentation engineering including work orders and plans
  • Transport system engineering designs and work orders
  • Equipment inventory audits
  • DC power systems audit/verification and survey
  • Documentation and records management
  • CAD services
  • Site acquisition and negotiation
  • Engineering database maintenance and updates

Outside Plant Network Engineering

  • Outside fibre plant designs and splicing work orders
  • Fibre route analysis and design
  • Documentation and records management
  • Plant inventory audits
  • Engineering database maintenance and updates
  • Field Survey including Aerial pole data collection, topographical and GPS
  • Rod and roping of new and existing conduits
  • Locates of existing plant
  • OSP/ISP of Telecom and Hydro Engineered designs
  • OSP/ISP Audits of existing plant
  • SpatialNet Design
  • Project Management

Wireless Network Engineering

  • Network planning
  • RF site surveys and path analysis
  • Wireless site and system engineering work orders
  • Wireless tower and rooftop construction engineering
  • RF and microwave system and equipment engineering
  • Network optimization
  • Propagation analysis
  • Cellular network coverage measurement
  • Site qualification and acquisition

- Installation and Commissioning -

Equipment Installation

  • Cable Head-end, Central Office, MSO, Cell site new deployment and augmentation
  • Broadband access equipment (DSL, DSLAM)
  • Optical transmission equipment and systems
  • Wireless access and transmission equipment for cellular and microwave
  • IP equipment and systems (LANs and routers)
  • VoIP switching and transport equipment
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • National 24/7 support and maintenance


  • Design, installation and management of cabling infrastructure
  • Framing, cable racking, auxiliary support structure and fibre management installation
  • Fibre cable installation, splicing, and OTDR testing
  • Installation of cabinets, racks and EMT conduit
  • Cable head-end coax installation, lacing, labeling and connectorizing
  • Building riser feeder cable installations
  • Site audits, analysis and design services
  • Cable mining and equipment removal

Commissioning & Integration

  • Fibre optic and microwave transport equipment turn up and commissioning
  • Complete SONET ring and spur commissioning and integration
  • Individual node commissioning and insertion, addition to existing rings and systems
  • Coarse and dense lightwave division multiplex equipment commissioning
  • Wireless node commissioning and lineup
  • IP equipment configuration
  • Cable TV Head-end equipment commissioning and integration
  • Equipment and node software upgrades and changes
  • Multi-vendor integrated solutions