WaveStar provides comprehensive services for a wide range of facility builds. We help you avoid critical delays, cost overruns and missed deadlines. Our proven approach, best practices and extensive experience can save precious time and money. Our on-site team manages project activity so that the right decisions are made at the right time.

  • Site assessment and preparation
  • Design, planning and implementation
  • Supply and installation of fully equipped sites
  • Commissioning and integration of electrical, mechanical and fire suppression
  • Supply and installation of security systems

Services We Provide

Wireless Build

WaveStar is an established services provider to incumbent and new entrant wireless companies. Our national team can assist with civil work and related construction activities. We have an extensive track record of successfully completed projects, including turnkey projects and can help in the following areas:

  • Erection of towers and rooftop structures
  • Implementation and commissioning of antennas and transmission lines
  • Tower and structure analysis, additions and reinforcing
  • Roof top structure analysis and engineering for additions and changes
  • Supply and installation of fully equipped shelters and communication cabinets
  • DAS/In-building Systems installation/testing/commissioning


Power is a critical component of your network and is often overlooked. Reliable power is essential to maintaining service levels and avoiding unnecessary downtime. WaveStar is a leading national provider of DC and AC power solutions, for wireline and wireless service providers. We can design power solutions to fit any specification and customize a power system for any communications application.

Our national team provides outstanding service and quality workmanship in the following areas:

  • Design, installation and turn-up of DC and AC power plants
  • Battery installation, upgrades and removals
  • Installation, rearrangement, upgrades and removal of all sizes of power feeds
  • Framing, cable racking and auxiliary support structure installation
  • Add new power bays to existing power plants
  • Add and remove new or old rectifiers to new or existing power systems
  • Rearrange existing live circuits from one power plant to another
  • Add new circuits to live BDFB
  • Power audits and labeling
  • Shelving, power racks and complete power frames
  • IEEE load banking and testing
  • Planned preventative maintenance programs

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