Planning and Engineering


Site Construction

The WaveStar Networks engineering team consists of a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals who offer a broad range of planning and engineering services for cable, wireless and wireline.

We can assist you with all facets of your project, from "greenfield" network planning to capacity planning, network augmentations, quality audits and as-built documentation.

Inside Plant Network Engineering

  • Central office, head-end and cell-site equipment engineering including AutoCAD rack elevations, floor plans, bills of material, cable running lists and system diagrams
  • Cable television node segmentation engineering including work orders and plans
  • Transport system engineering designs and work orders
  • Equipment inventory audits
  • DC power systems audit/verification and survey
  • Documentation and records management
  • CAD services
  • Site acquisition and negotiation
  • Engineering database maintenance and updates

Outside Plant Network Engineering

  • Outside fibre plant designs and splicing work orders
  • Fibre route analysis and design
  • Documentation and records management
  • Plant inventory audits
  • Engineering database maintenance and updates

Wireless Network Engineering

  • Network planning
  • RF site surveys and path analysis
  • Wireless site and system engineering work orders
  • Wireless tower and rooftop construction engineering
  • RF and microwave system and equipment engineering
  • Network optimization
  • Propagation analysis
  • Cellular network coverage measurement
  • Site qualification and acquisition

Download Our Feature Sheet

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